180101, 180102, 180103 Cassin Radion Ice Screws


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  • Can be clipped to the rope while placing to prevent accidental loss
  • Machined with a shaft thickness tolerance of only 0.03 mm
  • Chromoly steel is nickel-plated to prevent rust
  • Front teeth are milled with three different angles for fastest penetration
  • Reverse angle threads are optimized for brittle ice
  • Angled lever arm provides clearance during placement
  • Reduces total rack weight with the built-in sling
  • Bright finish on hanger and lever helps reduce melt out in the sun
  • Easy racking with two clipping points
  • Includes tip protector and thread guard for packing

The Radion is the most advanced ice screw available. A unique hanger rotates independently on the shaft, ensuring the force of a fall is applied at the optimal angle. The Radion features a reverse angle on the threads (flat side towards the ice), to distribute pressure more uniformly in brittle ice. Placing a Radion is greatly simplified by the aggressive front teeth, an ultra-smooth shaft, and a stiff lever arm with a rotating knob. The 12-mm color-coded Dyneema sling saves the weight and hassle of an extra draw. With a carabiner pre-attached you can be moving upwards faster than ever. The screw can be placed or removed while clipped to the rope ensuring it will never get dropped. A carabiner hole on the steel hanger gives a second option for racking.


180101 (12 cm)- 155 g, 5.5 oz
180102 (17 cm) – 177 g, 6.2 oz
180103 (22 cm) – 199 g, 7.0 oz


ID: 180101 (12 cm)
Tube Diameter: 16.5 mm
Thread Length: 88 mm
CE: No

ID: 180102 (17 cm) / 180103 (22 cm)
Tube Diameter: 16.5 mm
Thread Length: 101 mm
CE: Yes

ON SALE – $45

180101: Radion 12 cm – $79.95 USD Buy Now
180102: Radion 17 cm – $79.95 USD Buy Now
180103: Radion 22 cm – $79.95 USD Buy Now