0191 CAMP Jasper CR 3 Harness

Jasper CR 3

  • Innovative Sliding Waist Belt
  • Comfortable 6 mm EVA foam padding
  • Edge-Load construction on the legs
  • New auto-locking steel buckles on the waist and legs
  • 15 mm patented No-Twist belay loop
  • Patented and improved Flat Link elastic straps with drop seat
  • 4 webbing reinforced gear loops feature a new ergonomic design
  • Integrated slots for Hub racking carabiners
  • Haul loop
  • Available in 2 colors

The updated Jasper CR 3 is a great choice for climbers who want one harness that will do it all. The innovative Sliding Waist Belt allows the harness to be centered perfectly on the waist for the safest and most comfortable fi t. New auto-locking buckles on the waist and legs are easy to operate and deliver maximum friction to lock the webbing in place once the right fit is negotiated. Patented systems include the 15 mm No-Twist belay loop (a special loop inside the main loop holds the belay carabiner to prevent it from shifting) and an update to our Flat Link elastic that connects the waist belt and leg loops in the rear. A special pull tab where the elastic connects to the waist delivers faster, more precise adjustment and an even lower profile. Molded front gear loops keep draws at the ready, slots between the gear loops on both sides accept the Hub racking carabiners for carrying ice screws and the new haul loop makes the Jasper CR 3 ready for big routes.


450 g, 15.9 oz (Sizse M)


ID: 0191
No-Twist Belay Loop: Yes
Flat Link Leg Straps: Yes
Haul Loop: Chalk
Drop Seat: Yes
$69.95 USD

  Size      Waist   Legs
cm in cm in
S 62-82 24.4 – 32.2 46-56 18.1 – 22
M 72-92 28.3 – 36.2 54-64 21.2 – 25.1
L 82-102 32.2 – 40.1 58-68 22.8 – 26.7