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Crampon Binding Systems:

Automatic (Fast): For rigid boots with full toe and heel welts. The front bail rests on the toe welt and is secured once the heel bail is snapped onto the heel welt. Automatic bindings are the most secure configuration for aggressive ice and alpine climbing.

Semi-Automatic (Newmatic): Automatic heel and universal toe fits a variety of specialty mountaineering boots with welted heels and standard toe. Designed for a secure fit on semi-rigid boots.

Universal (Strap On): Thermoplastic heel and toe harnesses wrap around nearly any kind of boot and are secured by straps. Designed primarily for hiking and classic mountaineering in non-rigid boots. Not suitable for telemark boots.

Universal Straps: Nylon webbing straps the boot tightly to the crampon. Designed for a secure fit on non-rigid boots. Not suitable for telemark boots.



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