2335 CAMP Nano 22 Carabiner

Nano 22

New '15 - New products for 2015.  Light & Fast - Products that are either the lightest in the world or lightest in their class.

  • One of the lightest carabiners on the market
  • Designed for fluid use with ropes of all diameters
  • Significantly reduces weight and bulk on any rack
  • New design increases strength and reduces weight
  • Available in 8 colors to coordinate with popular cam colors

The evolution of the Nano continues. Following the popular Nano Wire and Nano 23, the new Nano 22 is even lighter, stronger, and more functional. The Nano 22 features a completely new design with a stronger open gate strength, a deeper basket for holding the rope in its proper position, and a refined gate for smooth, easy clipping. At 22 grams, the Nano 22 is the lightest fully-functional carabiner on the market with unique attributes that set it apart from other smaller carabiners. Like an inner working space large enough to use a clove hitch with ropes of any diameter, a gate opening wide enough for easy clipping on the sharp end, a profiled nose that slips in and out of tight chain links, and 8 colors for racking cams. As the trend towards lighter and faster, bigger and bolder continues, the Nano continues to set the standard for carabiners in the area of lightweight functionality.


22 g, 0.8 oz


ID: 2335
Height (mm) : 85.9
Width (mm): 52
Gate Opening (mm): 21
Major Axis (kN): 21
Minor Axis (kN): 8
Open Gate (kN): 9

233501: Nano 22 (Lt. Grey) – $6.95 USD Buy Now
233502: Nano 22 (Black) – $6.95 USD Buy Now
233503: Nano 22 (Blue) – $6.95 USD Buy Now
233504: Nano 22 (Purple) – $6.95 USD Buy Now
233505: Nano 22 (Green) – $6.95 USD Buy Now
233506: Nano 22 (Red) – $6.95 USD Buy Now
233507: Nano 22 (Yellow) – $6.95 USD Buy Now
233508: Nano 22 (Orange) – $6.95 USD Buy Now
2332: Nano 22 Rack Pack (6 pcs) – $39.95 USD Buy Now

Athlete quotes about the Nano 22:

Justin-Lichter-action“I’m always carrying my gear on long approaches and on long trips. The Nano22 is a streamlined piece, yet still fully functional. It makes my kit lighter and more compact, which is integral to the success of the expedition.”
Justin Lichter, Expedition & Exploratory Through-Hiker

Blake-Herrington-action“The Nano 22 clips, carries, and functions like a full-size ‘biner, never sacrificing utility for weight, despite weighing nearly nothing.”
Blake Herrington Alpine Rock Climber


Howie-Schwartz-action“The Nano is small and elegant yet super strong, just as I try to imagine myself to be. As long as there is the Nano, we need not be encumbered with extraneous metal.”
Howie Schwartz, owner of Sierra Mountain Guides