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It is with great sorrow that we honor the passing of Riccardo Cassin, but it is also with great respect and happiness that we celebrate a long life well lived. An excellent summary of Riccardo’s career and significance can be found from the following stories and links:

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Climbing Magazine 1999 Interview


The Cassin brand was acquired by CAMP in 1997 and 2009 marks a strategic year for the companies as CAMP celebrates its 120th birthday alongside the 100th birthday of Riccardo Cassin. In honor of this rich history, the CAMP and Cassin brands have been merged. The Cassin brand will carry forward with its prominence in extremely technical categories like technical ice and big wall climbing. CAMP will continue to develop its identity as the lightweight leader and further refine what is now the largest line of technical climbing equipment in the world.


  Riccardo Cassin - The Legend

Fresh off of leading the first commercially guided attempt on K2, Fabrizio Zangrilli was called on to lead the efforts to rescue a climber on the nearby peak Latok II. The climber had already spent 5 nights alone at 6,000 meters after breaking several bones in a fall. Zangrilli was already well acclimated, he is a master of fast and light and he has carried climbers down mountains before. Unfortunately, due to extremely dangerous conditions with fresh snow fall, the rescue was called off after two days.

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  Fabrizio Zangrilli

PACK IT: The Rox + features a duffle style zipper on the front allowing full access to every inch of its interior space. This makes arranging gear for long and short approaches alike a breeze. The roll top is also tapered wide at the top to make it easy to reach deep into the pack. Store valuables in the two zippered side pockets, chalk in one of the exterior mesh pockets (no more explosions inside your pack) and a water bottle in the other mesh pocket. The Rox + also comes equipped with our Rocky Rope Mat, a perfect tarp for bouncing from route to route at the local crag. The Rocky features a large envelope for stuffing the rope into. Just stack the rope on the tarp, tie off the sharp end to one of the corner tie-in points, shovel the rope down into the pocket, followed by the rest of the tarp for easy carrying or packing. TIP: When closing the roll top of the pack, roll the lid towards the front of the pack for the most secure closure on long approaches.

Packed efficiently, trad climbers can fit a 9.8mm 70 meter rope, a full rack with triples of most cams, a set of 12-14 double draws, a pair of shoes, a harness and helmet, chalk, water, food and a layer. TIP: roll the rope tightly into the Rocky Rope Mat and banana it either on the bottom or top of the pack to help distribute the weight.

CARRY IT: The Rox + is equipped with two nylon frame stays, a padded waist belt and a chest strap. The padding on the back is well padded and ventilated, yet durable enough to withstand years of abrasion.

UNPACK IT: Arrive at destination, drop the Rox + on the ground, unclip the top duffle and unzip the full length of the pack. Everything is at your fingertips.

REPEAT: The Rox + has been designed to simplify cragging. It packs well, carries well and unpacks cleanly. This leaves more time for climbing and seriously reduces the amount of time spent organizing.

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CAMP Rox + Side

CAMP Rox + Rear

CAMP Rocky Rope Mat


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  CAMP Jade CR Harness


For any questions always refer to the C.A.M.P. USA website http://www.camp-usa.com/, C.A.M.P. Italy’s website http://www.camp.it/. For reference to any manufacturing or fall standards refer to the UIAA website http://www.theuiaa.org/.

Warning: Climbing is dangerous. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser or user of any C.A.M.P. technical adventure equipment to get proper instruction and to act safely and in accordance with the uses and specifications outlined by C.A.M.P. in its product literature. It is your responsibility to learn how to use the product safely. Product instruction manuals are available for download on all relevant product pages. If you have any questions about the specific function of a piece of climbing equipment, contact C.A.M.P. USA before use.