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CAMP makes the lightest piece of gear in nearly every category we sell. For us as a company, carrying a strong lightweight ethos in the mountains is like taking a laxative when you really need it. Lightening your load has the serious potential to increase both performance and safety in the mountains. So, if you know any climbers who need to give their racks or their packs an enema, be sure to point them towards CAMP because it is the only place to find the lightest gear.


CAMP leads the industry in innovation with more new products and more clever designs than any other gear company each and every season. Research and development is the core of our company and our designers live in a state of continual discovery exploring innovative materials, tinkering with new designs, and pursuing what others might consider to be hair-brained ideas with unparalleled passion. We believe it is one of the things that makes CAMP unique. Where others focus on marketing to hype more of the same, CAMP maintains a sharp focus on the gear with the goal of delivering products that are genuinely new and incredible.


While CAMP is best known for lightweight and innovation, we also deliver superior value. Research and development is the core of our company, preceded only by our long tradition in metallurgy and manufacturing. CAMP has been manufacturing climbing gear for more than 120 years and our lineage extends back through centuries of authentic mountain culture focused on industries that require expert work with metal. This means simply, we are really good at making gear. So while we are best known for delivering Ferrari-like products, you can imagine how easy it is for us to build a Civic.


CAMP is a 125 year-old, family-owned Italian brand that has maintained its heritage with the global headquarters still nestled in the tiny mountain village of Premana situated in the Pre-Alps of Northern Italy. To give you an idea of this remote location, there is a road into the front of the village, but no road out the back. Here you find only mountains. Our name, CAMP, is an acronym that stands for Concezione Articoli Montagna Premana or Conception of Articles for Mountaineering Made in Premana. Because of who we are, what we do, and where we are, each and every person at CAMP eats, sleeps and breathes a true authentic mountain culture. We are a company comprised of climbers making gear for climbers.